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How to do a turn in the road (3 Point Turn)

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This guide will inform you how to carry out a turn in the road to UK test standard.
What you'll need: 
A car
Stop the vehicle on the left hand side of the road in a safe and appropriate place. Make sure you stop where there will be enough space to complete the manoeuvre.
Check your surroundings. You must check your rear view mirrors and your wing mirrors for any other vehicles or people that may be in the way of the manoeuvre.
Put the car into first gear. Before moving off check over your right shoulder for anything in your blind spot. When you are satisfied there are no dangers move off slowly whilst using the clutch to control your speed and turning the steering wheel fully to the right.
Stop the vehicle before you reach the pavement on the other side of the road. Apply the handbrake and put the car into reverse gear but do not move off yet.
Complete the same observations you did in step 2. Check all mirrors and look out the windows. Now slowly reverse back while steering completely to the left and looking out of the back window. At this point you can also wind down your window to hear if any cars are approaching. Stop before you reach the pavement on the other side and apply the handbrake.
Again complete all of your observations ensuring that there are no dangers. Put the car into first gear and slowly move off while steering completely to the right. You should now have completed the manoeuvre.
Make sure to complete all observations before moving the vehicle
Make good use of the clutch to keep the car moving very slowly
If pedestrians are passing the rear of the vehicle (especially children) make sure to stop reversing and allow them to pass


3 point turn

You forgot to mention the reverse lock that you put on just before you reach the oposite curb otherwise you will be wrestling with the steering wheel your relying on the power steering

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