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How to do a speedy spring clean

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Let’s be honest - how many of us look forward to spring cleaning? In fact, how many of us have time for the annual cleaning-fest that our grandmothers and mothers took in their stride? So many of us are time-poor and cleaning product-rich, but still struggle with some niggly cleaning issues that just won’t go away. Cleaning guru Aggie MacKenzie shows us how to give our homes a speedy spring clean at a pace Lewis Hamilton would be proud of, and without using every cleaning product on the shelf!
What you'll need: 
Kitchen paper
Get rid of cobwebs and dust in high-to-reach places by tying a damp duster on to the end of a mop - that way the dust clings instead of flying around the room and landing elsewhere. Now go for it!
To clean the sooty window on a wood burning stove, dip dampened, scrunched-up newspaper in the ash and rub on the glass. It'll dissolve the dirt instantly.
When cleaning the bathroom, spray all surfaces with cleaning product and leave a few minutes before you start to wipe or scrub. That way, it'll have begun cutting through any soap scum or grease, and your cleaning job will be so much quicker and easier.
Bottom of the oven encrusted with burnt spillages? Sprinkle with biological washing powder, lay over dampened kitchen paper and leave a few hours. It'll wipe off easily.
Grotty oven shelves? Use medium fine sandpaper - quick, effective and not at all messy.
For grubby carpets, sprinkle over corn flour, leave overnight then vacuum.
To clean a mouldy shower curtain, wash in the machine with some towels on the wool cycle using biological detergent. Hang straight from the machine.
Blu Tack can be a nightmare on painted walls. If it's still soft, remove with a fresh chunk. Otherwise hold a bottle filled with hot water over it to make it pliable and continue as above. If it leaves an oily stain, use a cotton bud dipped in lighter fuel and work around the area.
Have you rearranged furniture as part of your spring clean and ended up with unsightly carpet indents? Pour a little hot water into the dip and, with the tines of a fork, gently tease the pile back into position.
If it's not dirty, don't clean it - the ultimate timesaver!

Aggie has recently launched her own range of probiotic cleaning products; Aggie’s Probiotic is available in Sainsbury’s stores now.


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