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How to do a Basketball Lay-Up

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A Lay-Up is one of the easiest ways to score in basketball and, with practise, is simple to master. It is essentially scoring on the run. This guide is aimed at someone who is right handed, if you are left handed, just read right for left.
What you'll need: 
One basketball
A basketball net, either in your home on a court
Trainers or basketball sneakers
Clothing that is not restrictive
Perform these steps slowly at first, until you can do them all in one swift movement.
Begin a few steps outside the 3 point semi-circle (approximately 25 feet away) facing the end of the court you are attacking, with the basket on your left.
Dribble the ball with your right hand whilst moving towards the basket. If you are having trouble at this step, try bouncing it slower.
You can take two steps whilst holding the ball, and you should do this just before approaching the basket, around 6 feet away, depending on your height.
Pick up the ball with your first step and then jump with your second, aiming to tap the ball onto the top right corner of the square on the backboard. The hope being that the ball will bounce into the basket from here.
Repeat these steps, picking up the pace each time you are successful, until you can do the entire movement in one, without thinking.
Once you have completed this for the right side, try it from the left side, using your left hand.
There are a number of methods out there, but realistically, as long as you do not double dribble (dribble, stop the movement of the ball and then dribble again), or take more than two steps whilst holding the ball, then whatever is comfortable and successful is fine.
In game, the key to laying-up is driving toward the basket, so its important you can do the rest without thinking too much.


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