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How To Dispose of Excess Paint

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When renovating or doing touch-ups it is seldom the case that you have exactly the right amount of paint for the job. More often than not you are left with excess paint and the need to dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly way.
What you'll need: 
Excess paint
Glass jars
Forward planning is your best tool when dealing with the issue of paint disposal. Taking the time to estimate how much paint is needed for the specific job will help ensure that you only order as much as you need.
Pour some of the excess paint into a glass jar in case it is needed for touch-ups in the future. Ask friends or neighbours whether they would like the spare paint or donate it to a local charity. Community Repaint UK is a good resource if donating to charity.
Never pour excess paint down the drain. Check with your local council to find out whether paint can be collected for recycling in your area. If so, leave the tin outside to be collected. This is more often the case with water-based paints.
It is easiest to dispose of paint which has solidified. Add sawdust, sand or dissolved gelatine to the spare paint and leave it to air-dry outside with the lid off. The dried paint can then be placed in the normal garbage and the tin placed in the recycling.
Paint is a hazardous material and disposal should therefore be kept to a minimum. If it is necessary to get rid of old paint, do so in as environmentally and community-friendly a manner as possible.
Try to order only as much paint as you need.
Store leftover paint; it is likely that you will need at least some of it in the future.
Consider donating spare paint to charity.
Never pour excess paint or white spirit into watercourses.


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