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How to disk cleanup on Windows

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'Disk Cleanup' is a software availible on all Windows PC's that enables you to delete files on your computer, it can free up space and can also improve your computer's speed.
What you'll need: 
Windows computer
Click on start > all programs > accessories > system tools > disk cleanup.
The program will open, from the drop down menu click on the hard drive you want to do a cleanup of.
Follow the wizard, it is very simple and offers lots of information.
The program will first calculate how much space it will be able to free up, which can take a few minutes.
Once that is done it will then tell you how much space it thinks it can clean up, and you can select folders and files you which to include by clicking on the checkboxes. Once you have done this click OK, it will ask you to confirm to permanently delete the files.
This will permanently delete the files you select, so make sure you are happy for them to go.


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