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How to Dice a Bell Pepper

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Dicing a bell pepper can be fiddly. Wet from the juice of the pepper, the seeds tend to stick to everything. Eliminate the hassle by using this tried-and-true method to cut down on chopping time.
What you'll need: 
A bell pepper
A serrated knife
A chopping board
Hold the pepper by its stem and slice lengthwise around the core, leaving four “fillets.”
To remove any loose seeds still remaining on the flesh, turn each fillet skin-side up and firmly “slap” it against the surface of the chopping board.
Cut each fillet into strips and then dice finely.
Bell pepper seeds are not spicy but actually contain a lot of flavour. Don’t be afraid to add a few to your recipe.
If you do not have a serrated knife, a sharp paring knife will do.
This method also works for jalapeño peppers.


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