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How To Delete Your Facebook Account

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Facebook is the popular social network that has pervaded not only the web but also modern life and popular culture. However, you may at some point decide to delete your Facebook account entirely rather than simply deactivating it.
What you'll need: 
Internet connection
Facebook account
Log in to your Facebook account. Once logged in you will find three buttons in the top right-hand corner of the page. These buttons are titled 'home', 'profile' and 'account' respectively.
Click on the 'profile' button. This will take you to your personal page. Once on your profile page begin deleting all aspects of your account including your friend list, messages, photos, applications, links, groups, pages, comments, networks, administrator roles and all other pieces of information relating to you or your account.
Identify all external networks and applications you may have linked your Facebook account to before deleting/cancelling all of these.
Once all information has been deleted, remain logged on to your account and paste the following address into your browser:
The link above will direct you to a page which provides information on the deletion process, leading eventually to a deletion request.
Select 'delete account'. The deletion will take effect straight away but it can take up to two weeks for the account to be completely wiped. Ensure that you don't try to sign in to your account in the two week period as this may reactivate your account.
Deletion of your Facebook account can be a good move if you are concerned about personal privacy as it allows access to a great deal of information about you and your activities.


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