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How To Decorate Your Body With Temporary Tattoos

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There are many options available to decorate the body with temporary tattoos. Pain doesn’t need to be experienced in applying them and you aren’t stuck with a design for life. Temporary tattoos can easily be applied at home and can be removed or left alone to fade away. The temporary tattoo options listed below are the safer and natural options for semi permanent tattoos.
The stick-on temporary tattoo. These are available on a greaseproof paper that has an image printed on them. It’s applied to the body with damp cloth and the image transferring unto the skin. Depending on the quality of the ink they can look terrible or really good. They don’t last more than a week, sometimes even less. To remove them you can use baby oil or alcohol. Make sure you buy quality stick-on tattoos with safe inks used for the images.
Temporary airbrushing tattoos. A stencil is placed on a part of the body and tattoo ink is sprayed by airbrush. The outcome of an airbrush tattoo can be so good that it can sometimes pass as a permanent tattoo. It doesn't last very long, 3-5 days at most. You can help it stay longer by dusting baby powder over the design when freshly done. Also dusting it each day afterwards will help as well. You can get rid of the tattoo by using baby oil.
Henna (Mehndi) Tattoo. Henna is made from the leaves of a plant bush, that’s ground into a fine powder. The powder is then turned into a paste. When applied on the skin it leaves a temporary tattoo. The henna paste must be left on the skin for 6 hours or more for the skin to be stained. The applying of henna on the skin is known as mehndi, but most people refer to it as henna. The tattoo will darken as the hours slip away. The tattoo can sometimes last up to 2 weeks. Never use a product that’s referred to as black henna. It’s chemically dyed henna that can cause serious skin reactions.
Jagua temporary tattoo. Jagua is a naturally dark dye which is extracted from a fruit in South America. Some people confuse Jagua with the inferior product black henna. But they are not the same at all. Jagua comes in a gel or paint form and doesn’t need to be mixed into any paste. After applying the gel or paint, it must be left on the skin for at least 2 hours. This helps the colour to deepen into a bluish or black colour. The tattoo will look faint and then darken within 24 hours. Depending on your skin type it can look so black that it can pass as a permanent tattoo. Jagua tattoos can last 10-15 days.
Temporary tattoos are a great alternative to permanent tattoos. You can experiment and see which one works for you best.


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