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How To Declutter Your House

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Decluttering is the perfect way to give your house a free face lift. It will help you restore order and reduce the stress caused by chaos.
What you'll need: 
Cadboard boxes
Plastic lidded boxes
Bin bags
Identify the place or places in your home that cause you and your partner/flatmate/family the most stress. Think about how you would like to see the space and write it down.
If you are de-cluttering an entire room, start from the corner and work your way in. Don't start at random points and get confused. Take each step slowly, throw out all the rubbish, make a pile of clothes you may not want to keep, sort papers into organised piles before you decide what to shred.
Create a maybe pile and if you think you might need the item in the future lend it to a friend or a family member. If you have forgotten it after six months chances are you don't need it.
Take a break every hour and review where you are, you may have new ideas about what to do with your space.
Follow the fortnight rule - if something has been out for a fortnight - get rid or put it away.
Go through the pile of items that you no longer want and box up for the charity shop or plan a car boot sale / clothes swap. If you have large items put outside your gate with a 'help yourself' sign or call a local charity rather than taking items to the tip.
In future opt for furniture that doubles as storage, trunk, blanket box, beds with built in drawers.


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