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How To Deal With Stress In Your Life

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Stress is part of everyday living. A little stress is good for the body; a life without stress can be boring and uninspiring. But too much stress can be damaging to your health. Good stress can motivate and get you going. Bad stress can lead to insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure, stomach problems, and anger which can eventually cause harm to your relationship at home or work. This article is about motivating you, to take control of the stress in your life and tackling them one by one. Remember stress is not the problem; it’s how you handle the situations in your life.
Simplify your to-do list. Trying to do everything from your long to-do list will surely stress you out. Learn to keep your to-do list simple and list only the important tasks. By doing this, you will break down your priorities into sizeable chunks and you can focus on what really matters.
Get exercising. Taking a stroll or doing any form of physical exercise will reduce stress from the body by releasing endorphins (the body’s natural feel good hormone). Exercising will keep your mind from worrying and it will keep you fit.
Eat more healthy food. Eating greasy or processed foods, too much sugar, salt, alcohol and caffeine can leave you feeling drained. Eat more fruit, vegetables and drink more water. Eating healthier will reduce stress on your body.
Quit trying to control people and situations. It will only add to your frustration and anxiety when it doesn’t work out. Just let go, learn to accept the outcome of different situations and accept that other people do things their own way. The only person you can control is yourself, work on yourself first before you try to control the rest of the world.
Be more assertive. Learn to say “no” to demanding friends, family or colleagues. You can’t do everything that is asked of you. You know how much you can handle, so only deal with the important things and delegate if you have to.
Take time out for yourself; see to your own needs and feelings. Take part in activities that you enjoy and make you relax. Also, use this time to organise your life.
Laugh more often and don’t be so serious. Laughing not only puts you in a good mood, it also improves your immune system and eases stress at the same time.
Get sleeping. Make sure you get enough sleep each day. There is nothing worse than hanging round around someone who lacks sleep, and suffers from an outburst of anger because of it. Sleeping will put your body and mind in a ready state to face the day ahead.
Talk to someone. Keeping things bottled up can cause you more stress. So talk to someone you can trust with your worries and what is bugging you. Remember, you can always go and talk to a qualified doctor or advisor.
Look on the bright side and be thankful. Don’t keep dwelling on the bad things in your life, this will only zap your energy. Being a thankful, is a positive thinking frame of mind. Also, remind yourself of the things you have achieved and congratulate yourself. Having a more positive outlook on life, will keep stress levels down and bring more happiness more your way.
Remember you are the one in charge of your emotions. Don’t let stress control you; it’s up to you to take charge. You can master stress and use it to your advantage.
Don’t be so hard on yourself when you make a small mistake. Let it go and move on.
Keep a diary or a journal of your thoughts, vent your frustrations and analyze situations.
Learn some breathing and meditation techniques.
Avoid self medication, this includes drugs, alcohol or anything else.
If you have severe stress, you should go and see your doctor immediately


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