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How to deal with anxiety and panic: Method 2

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Anxiety and panic can be crippling, causing us to avoid situations that we feel may trigger them. However, despite their power, they are often caused by our racing imaginations rather than factual events. Here is a "grounding" technique that can bring you back to the present and what is real, leaving anxiety behind. Elements of it may seem a little spaced out or obscure, but the end result will leave you feeling fresh, together, alert and calm.
Close your eyes and sit/stand still.
If you are standing, feel the contact between the soles of your feet and the floor; feel your weight pressing down upon them. If you are sitting, feel the contact between you and the chair. You adopt this posture every day, but do you ever really feel it? Take the time to get to know it.
Here comes the spacey bit - visualise yourself as a mountain. Solid and deeply rooted in the ground. You are immovable and strong. No matter how the weather around you changes, you remain still, stable and centred. Stay with this feeling for a moment.
Do not jolt yourself back into everyday life; it is likely that that would undo some of the calming effect of the exercise. This exercise will leave you relaxed, refreshed and with much reduced anxiety levels.
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