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How to dead head flowers from garden plants

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Once the flowers on your garden plants have died it is worth dead heading them or cutting them off. This helps to encourage the plants to develop more flowers and healthier growth, and therefore increase your enjoyment of them. This process can be done with most plants but is especially good with roses. It only takes a few minutes of your time and can be done on a weekly basis, the small amount of effort is repaid many times over.
What you'll need: 
Secateurs or scissors
Compost heap
Using a pair of secateurs or scissors snip off the dead or dying flower heads when the petals start to go brown or fall off. Simply cut off each flower, at the base of the bud, and the plants energy will be directed towards growing new or younger flowers.
Some plants need different cutting depending upon their flower type. For instance you can cut all the flower stems off from lavender at the end of their flowering season.
Place the dead heads in your compost.
Dead heading can extend the life of your garden plants and make them keep flowering all summer long. Dead heading can help the plants to grow stronger and will help the following years growth.
For plants with very small stems you can nip them off using your finger and thumb.
Wear gloves if the plants have thorns, such as roses.
As you walk around your garden, take your scissors and snip off the dead heads.
Do not cut yourself with the scissors


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