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How To Cut Up a Pineapple

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Fresh pineapple is so much nicer than tinned, and takes only minutes to prepare.
What you'll need: 
Large, sharp knife
First, make sure the pineapple is ripe enough to eat by gently tugging on one of the innermost spiky leaves at the top of the fruit. If it comes out fairly easily, it’s ripe. If it resists and you have to give it a sharp tug, or twist it to remove it, it may not yet be ready.
Taking a large, sharp knife, lay the pineapple down and cut off the top and bottom of the fruit about 3cm in.
Stand the fruit up on it’s broadest base and slicing down from the top, slice off the side pieces of ‘peel’ following the natural curve of the body of the pineapple.
Once you have done that all around the fruit, discard the peel and if you find the body of the fruit still has some black spots of peel on it, carefully shave them off with the knife, or dig them out with the tip of the knife.
Keeping the pineapple upright, and working from top to bottom again, slice it in half lengthways, then into quarters.
Each quarter will now have a triangular piece of the core running down its length. Slice this off lengthways – you will be able to see where the core starts by the slightly different texture and colour on the fruit. Discard the pieces of core.
Having done this, depending on how large the pineapple is and how large you want the chunks to be, slice each quarter lengthways again, so that you now have 8 strips of pineapple. If it is a very large pineapple, you may want to cut each quarter into, say, 3 strips. If it's very small, leave them as quarters.
Then simply cut each strip into the desired chunk size. Alternatively, you can cut each strip into 2 large pieces, stick a cocktail stick in the end to hold it by and have pineapple ‘lollies’
Once you have done this, either store in the fridge in a lidded plastic container, or eat it all. Delicious
Takes only a little longer than opening and tin and draining it!


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