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How to create zebra eyes

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Zebra eye makeup is a fun way to spice up your outfit for Halloween! These easy steps will enable you to easily create the perfect zebra eyes.
What you'll need: 
Black liquid liner
Black kohl liner
White pigment
Angle brush
Eye primer
White eyeliner
You want your eyes to be a canvas. This step is optional. Apply glue to your eyebrows and allow to dry. We are erasing the eyebrows. Apply concealer over your eyebrows, this should erase them and create the perfect canvas.
Apply eye primer over your entire lids.
Using the white eyeliner. Draw a line from the corner of your eye tapering diagonally forming a cat eye. Fill in your entire lid with the white pigment using the angled brush.
Line your upper lashes using the kohl pencil, making the line as thin as possible.
Now start creating the zebra stripes, you can create any sort of lines you want. Look at a zebra picture so you can get some inspiration.
Draw on your eyebrows using the kohl liner, you want to create a dramatic effect but also you want your eyebrows to blend in with the stripes.
Go over all the kohl with the balck liquid liner as this will intensify the look.
Conceal your undereyes with concealer in a 'v' shape.
Line your waterline with the black eyeliner.


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