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How to create a Spotify playlist.

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Spotify is a music streaming service based around a desktop application available for most computer operating systems, such as Window and Mac. It allows users to listen to music from selected artists and albums. There are a number of different subscription levels, premium and unlimited and a free account which allows users to listen to the music on Spotify without cost, but users are required to listen to advertising messages instead. The service was launched in October 2008, and has about seven million users as of May 19th, 2010; about 250,000 of these are paying members. This How to will help you to set up and add tracks to a playlist on Spotify. All users, regardless of account type, are able to set up playlists, they are a good way of saving music tracks that can be played at a later date rather like an album, or shared with other Spotify users. This guide assumes that you have an active Spotify account and are logged in.
What you'll need: 
A Spotify account
A Computer
The Internet
The first step is to click the New playlist icon located at the bottom of the left hand menu bar. You will then be able to name the playlist, by typing the name in the box that opened up. When you have named it click the enter button and your new playlist will be listed and active.
Once the playlist has been created, you are able to add the tracks to it. Search for the music you want to list by using the searchbox in the top left hand corner of the program.
To add a track that you have found into the playlist simply click on it and drag it to the playlist you created in step 1. The track is now in your playlist.
To add more all you need to do is to repeat this drag and drop action. Just click on the playlist to view the all the tracks.
To delete a playlist just right click on its name and hover down to Delete and click the mouse button. The playlist will be removed from the list.
Now you know how to create a Spotify playlist, you can make the playlist collaborative, which means other users can add their tracks to it. You can also share your playlist by right clicking on the playlist and sending the link to another user in an email.
Instead of the drag and drop feature you can also right click on the track name to add to playlist
If you delete your playlist you won't be able to recover it.


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