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How To Create a Local Intranet Database

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An intranet is a local Web system that is hosted on an internal Web server. The creation of a local, searchable database involves using the correct technologies and implementing them in such a way that the intranet is easy to use and understand. The output from the intranet database, search facility and the methods used to achieve them will depend on the nature and contents of the directory to be created.
What you'll need: 
Apache web server
PHP (or similiar dynamic programming language)
Download WAMP or XAMP from the Internet (See References below). These integrated environments provide all the items in the "What You'll need" section but without the need to download each individually. If you wish to set up your own components, you should download each component as required.
Install and test your Web server. After you have downloaded the Web server and installed it by following the instructions, you should test the server. If it is not working you may need to start the server from the start menu on your system for the downloaded server.
Design the database. This will involve designing the tables and fields you need to be stored in your local database and will depend on the type of items you wish to store. If your database contains graphics and other non-textual data, consider how this will be retrieved, stored and cataloged in the database so text can be used to search for the items.
Develop the intranet web pages using PHP (or your chosen language) to provide the user interfaces and interact with MySQL. The interface will need to provide users with the ability to search, retrieve, and format information in a user friendly manner.
Test the intranet. Depending on how sophisticated you make the search engine, you may want to include wild-cards in the search or alternatives in the search bar. There has to be a happy medium however, between providing useful search facilities but not making them too complicated.
This work should enable you to get a basic intranet up and running and because you have created the code from the ground up, you will have full control over maintenance of the site. It can be further enhanced by using Javascript to provide improved graphical capability, perhaps even using flash if this is considered to be appropriate.
This article is intended to provide experienced programmers with the steps to implement an intranet.
Non-programmers can set up an intranet with the many provided services available online, Simply search for "intranet" in a suitable search engine.


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