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How to create a living green roof

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A green roof on a shed is a fantastic way to encourage wildlife into your garden and to prolong the life of the waterproofing. Sedum matting is the quickest, easiest and lightest way to create a living green roof that will be the envy of your neighbours.
What you'll need: 
Someone to help
Step ladder
Sharp knife and scissors
Green roof components including drainage mat, water retention mat, sedum matting and edgings
Make sure the roof deck is smooth, the drainage works well and the waterproofing is in good condition.
Install your edging, being careful not to damage the waterproofing and be sure to leave gaps for drainage. Edging is vital to prevent wind uplift
Cover the waterproofing with thick polyethylene to protect against root damage. Be careful, this will make the roof slippery. Don’t block your drainage outlets.
On a flat roof, lay drainage matting on top of the polyethylene. Butt the pieces up close to each other.
Unroll water retention matting on top of the drainage mat on a flat roof or directly on to the polyethylene on a sloping roof. Make sure there are no gaps between pieces then water it well.
Install the sedum matting on top of the water retention mat. Fabric flaps on the underside of the sedum mat should be unfolded and then the next piece of sedum mat sits on top of the flap for anchorage.
Water the plants.
The green roof build up is heavy. Make sure your shed is sturdy enough to support the weight
Sedum plants don’t like to be kept in the shade, your shed needs to be in a sunny spot
Slopes over 20 degrees are not suitable for green roofing


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