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How To Create A Herb Window Box

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If you want to grow herbs in a window box, remember that they need full sun and constant watering. Although plastic boxes don’t have the same appeal as terracotta or wood, they are much easier to move and retain moisture well.
What you'll need: 
A suitably sized window box
Potting compost
Broken crocks or stones
A selection of ready-grown herbs
Cover the base of the window box with an inch of stones or broken crocks to help with drainage, and cover with a layer of potting compost.
Keep perennial herbs in their pots to protect the roots when the annuals need replacing. Place the potted herbs in the container and fill the remaining space with compost. Always position tall plants at the back of the box.
Plant any annuals directly into the compost between the perennials, making sure that the roots are well covered. Press down firmly around the base of the herb with your fingertips in order to anchor the roots in the soil.
Water the newly planted window box to help the herbs settle in and mature.
A suitable selection of herbs for a window box includes seven of the most popular culinary herbs. All are reasonably hardy perennials (chives, bay, sage, rosemary and marjoram) except for parsley and summer savory.
Replant the window box when the plants become crowded.
Do remember that any kind of window box will demand constant attention for the plants are entirely dependent on your care. Out in an open garden they can spread their roots in search of nourishment, but in the narrow confines of a container they must be provided with everything they need. And don’t forget that little rain falls straight down, so even in wet weather window boxes and tubs may receive little or no natural watering.
In these times of recession, a planted herb box would make an ideal wedding or house-warming gift and cost very little to make. Prepare well in advance to allow the plants to settle, add a colourful bow and gift card … and the gift is ready.


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