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How to create a Facebook Fan Page

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Fan Pages on Facebook are a great way to give people a chance of agreeing with your ideas. By starting a fan page, you automatically draw in people who sympathise with the subject of the page, be it sports, food or anything you wish. Now you can join the Facebook Fan Page community by creating your own page. Don't know how to? Follow these steps and start your own page.
What you'll need: 
A computer
A Facebook account
On the Facebook homepage, click on the "Adverts and Pages," tab underneath the "Friends," tab on the left hand side of the screen.
On the next page, click on "Create Page," near the top of the screen.
The next screen will give you a choice between a community page or an official page. Choose the one you think is most suitable for your desired page.
Once you have chosen the subject of your page and thought of a name for it, type it into the "Page Name," section of the screen, and click on "Create Page," at the bottom of the screen.
The next page will be your Fan Page's homepage, and you can now edit and tweak it as you see fit.
Now you can create you own page on the topic of your choice and get people to join it so they can follow your updates for it.
Make sure you do not violate Facebook's rules for Fan Pages, as this can result in the page and possibly your account being disabled.
Be careful when giving your Fan Page a name, as Facebook operates strict rules on this.


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