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How to create a Christmas hamper

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When you are stuck to know what to buy someone for Christmas, a hamper is a good choice. You can make it to any size or budget and adapt it to personal taste.
What you'll need: 
A suitable sized box.
Some ribbon or bows.
Some Christmas wrapping paper.
Chosen items for the hamper.
Some shredded paper or tissue paper for packaging
Decide on the items that you would like in the hamper and make a list of possibilities. If you are choosing perishables such as cheese, biscuits, cake or crisps check the Best Before or Use By dates carefully.
If you will be sending the hamper by post, consider the weight of everything you buy and choose things that do not easily break.
If you are working to a budget, make a list of possible items and price them all up so you can make a selection and stay within your budget.
Get a good mix eg some jam, some chutney, some wine, juice, cheese, chocolates and biscuits, tea, coffee.
A hamper does not just have to be food. For example, a keen gardener may like some bulbs and seeds, gardening gloves and handcream. Another idea is a selection of treats plus a book and some nice bubble bath. Or low calorie treats for someone on a diet.
If your budget is limited you can delight by getting several small but lovely things. Biscuits, chocolate, nuts and crisps.
Once you know what you wish to include, choose your box. A strong cardboard box is fine, or a large gift bag or basket if you have one at home. Whatever you use make it pretty. Cover a cardboard box with wrapping paper and decorate with ribbons or bows.
Arrange the items in your box using the packing material to help you. Cover with a double layer of tissue paper.
A hamper is an excellent gift for any age group and can suit all pockets. It can be as luxurious and expensive or as simple and inexpensive as you choose!
Do a small hamper for children instead of a selection box.
If the hamper is large or heavy ensure the recipient will be able to get it home.
Don't include too many perishables, at Christmas people tend to have lots of food.


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