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How To Create The Big Hair Look

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This season's must have glamour look for anyone with long hair couldn't be easier to create with these top tips from Jonathan Long, stylist to the stars.
What you'll need: 
Sebastian Professsional Thickefy Foam
Large Carmen heated rollers
Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity hair spray
Apply Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam from roots to ends onto clean damp hair
Starting from the parting and working your way down towards the neck, take sections of hair and wind them around large heated Carmen rollers. Pull each section 90 degrees away from the head, comb it through then wind one and a half times around the roller to ensure it stays in place
Leave to dry with some heat from a diffuser and once the hair is dry ensure you wait until it has totally cooled to ensure the hair sets into place for lasting power.Remove the rollers gently without touching the curls
Spritz hair with a generous coating of Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity hair spray. Next, turn your head upside down and using your fingers, separate and tease each curl to get more volume and a natural finish
While your head is still turned upside, without disturbing the curls gently backcomb the hair strand by strand just a few inches from the root for an even bigger result


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