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How to connect with your newborn

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Are you a first-time father finding the odd challenges of handling a newborn rather insurmountable? Here’s a little help for you.
What you'll need: 
A newborn
Fatherly emotions
Some time to spare
Connect: This is your creation, the ultimate wonder of the world – it is your kid! If you sit on the sofa surfing channels watching your partner breast feed it, it would be unjust on the baby as well as the father. Don’t feel odd holding the baby in your arms. In fact, hold it in your arms as much as you can. Tickle and caress it to make your baby familiar with your touch and smell. Use physical contact often as this will help you bond best with your child.
Become involved: Just like the creation of the baby can’t be entirely credited to the mother, taking care of the baby isn’t just the mother’s job either. Becoming involved also requires a lot of nappy changing and answering the child’s cries at weird hours in the night. All your leisurely activities may take a back seat for some time, but you should be happily ready for it. After all, your kid won’t remain a baby forever! Enjoy while it lasts.
Talk to the baby: It may not be able to understand what you are saying, but it will be able to respond to the tone and inflections of your voice. Talk sweet nothings, play with your child — this is not only a healthy way of involving your child, it is also a healthy approach toward engaging yourself emotionally with the baby.
Spend sometime alone with the child: It is also necessary that you interact and connect with the baby alone while the mother is away. Some fathers fear taking the baby in their arms, unless supervised, for the fear that they may not know how to hold the infant. When alone, interacting with the baby is the best way to build a personal rapport with the child. Play with the baby, feed it some banana mash, prepare a clean bottle of drinking water for it, try letting the baby sleep on your chest – you will definitely feel more confident as a father.
Click pics: Pave the way for a stronger relationship with your kid by clicking pictures of your infant with you and your partner. When your kid grows up, these will be the precious little gems you both will adore all your life.


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