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How to complain to the NHS using PALS

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We all hope that we never have to do this, but sometimes things go wrong. If you do need to make a complaint about any service you have received, be it GP, dentist, optician or anything associated with the NHS, first of all take a deep breath and follow these simple steps.
What you'll need: 
a detailed account of your complaint
First, a complaint should be made no more than 12 months after the event, or the date at which you became aware of it.
Call PALS (patient advice and liason service) or visit their site on-line and find your local PALS department
Call or arrange a meeting with PALS who will help you lodge your complaint officially. PALS covers a range of services related to the NHS. In particular, PALS will: Provide you with information about the NHS and help you with any other health-related enquiry Help resolve concerns or problems when you are using the NHS Provide information about the NHS complaints procedure and how to get independent help if you decide you may want to make a complaint Provide you with information and help introduce you to agencies and support groups outside the NHS Inform you about how you can get more involved in your own healthcare and the NHS locally Improve the NHS by listening to your concerns, suggestions and experiences and ensuring that people who design and manage services are aware of the issues you raise Provide an early warning system for NHS Trusts and monitoring bodies by identifying problems or gaps in services and reporting them.
It's never easy to make the decision to complain, but if you do, seek help and remember to be precise about when and how the problem occurred.
keep notes and copies of all correspondence
try t0 stay calm
get help from a body such as PALS
don't be put off by jargon or complicated procedures, there are people who can help.


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