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How To Clean With Natural Products

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Keeping your living space clean, tidy and in the best possible condition is a priority for any home owner. However, many cleaning products are both expensive and potentially damaging to the the environment. There are however numerous inexpensive, readily available and environmentally-friendly products which are equally effective.
What you'll need: 
White Spirit Vinegar
Bicarbonate of Soda
Olive Oil/Vegetable Oil
Essential Oils
Sprinkle a generous amount of bicarbonate of soda over any stained, dirty surface. Its abrasive qualities make it a great scourer. Adding vinegar to the bicarb will cause it to fizz, increasing its efficacy as a grease and stain remover. An open container of bicarb in the fridge is a potent odour killer.
Vinegar is a highly effective cleaning agent and is a perfect substitute for bleach. It has excellent stain-removing properties on cookware, perspiration-stained clothing and animal urine. Warming the vinegar will increase its ability to remove soap scum or limescale.
Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle the surface with coarse salt. The result is an acidic scourer which cleans, removes oil and grease and leaves a fresh citrus odour. This is particularly useful when cleaning chopping boards and kitchen surfaces. Lemon juice is also an excellent brass, copper and stainless steel cleaner.
Borax or Sodium Borate is the trump card in the natural cleaner's hand. A multi-purpose cleaning agent, it is a powerful but entirely safe white powder which acts as a disinfectant, fungicide, general-purpose cleaner, deodoriser, insecticide and even a laundry detergent. Half a cup of borax in half a bucket of warm water can be used in most cleaning situations.
Olive oil and many naturally fragranced essential oils are useful for treating tired wooden surfaces and are also antibacterial agents. A cedar wood ball or chips sprinkled with lavender or citrus oil is an excellent deodoriser to be placed in sock or clothes drawers.
Mix bicarbonate of soda with a little warm water to form a thick paste. Spread generously on the surfaces in your oven. Leave overnight and use a coarse brush to scrub the surfaces the next day.
Cleaning with natural products is not only far more environmentally-friendly, it is also remarkably cheap and easy. Discard the expensive chemicals and clean naturally.
Buy bicarbonate of soda, salt, vinegar and borax in bulk as buying smaller amounts is far more expensive.


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