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How to clean football boots

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By their nature, football boots can get very muddy, especially during the winter months. Cleaning them, though, is a straightforward process so long as you follow a few simple rules.
What you'll need: 
Shoe brush
Warm water
Kitchen towell
The most important rule to cleaning the boots is NOT to use any sort of chemicals. The nature of football boots (and the tried and tested procedures in all the "boot" rooms over the years!) means that they respond best just to warm water.
Remove all the mud from the boots by hand (or the schoolboy approach of banging them together), then softly dig out all the mud from the studs using a hard brush.
Lightly coat the boots in luke warm water, shifting as much of the dirt as possible just by letting the water flow off the boots. I tend to do this over a sink but obviously you have to clear the sink out of all the mud after too, so a basin outside does the same trick.
Using slightly damp kitchen towel, worked softly around the leather part of the boots. Don't use too much force and try not to dig into the boots too much. You're looking for a rubbing action - it's only dirt and mud, after all, and it will come loose
Squeeze dry the laces with the kitchen towel - assuming you've ran the water on the laces too, literally using thumb and finger to run the kitchen towel down the laces, squeezing as you go.
Finally, get some dry kitchen towel and buff the boots up to make them as shiny as possible!
Don't use the brush on the leather parts of the boots - just the soles


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