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How to choose a driving instructor

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It can be quite confusing when it comes to deciding which driving instructor to go for. They all will claim to be the best and get you a 'first-pass'. Here's how you can measure them up and choose which one suits you the best...
What you'll need: 
Preferably, your theory test pass certificate
A list of local or recommended driving instructors
A phone
Know your Budget: The prices may range anywhere from £18-£25 per hour depending on the area you live in. It is best to know how much you are willing to spend before you choose which instructor's rates suit you best.
Go for the Green Badge: Instructors who display a Green hexagon badge issued by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) on the windscreen of their car are professionally qualified to teach you. The Green Badge establishes that they are an approved driving instructor (ADI). Beware of instructors who display a pink badge on their windscreen. It means they are still trainees, not fully qualified instructors.
Check for availability: It may be that the instructor suits you to the tee but doesn't have any time for you because he is booked for months in advance! Hire someone who can at least give you one or two two hour lessons a week — at a time that suits you.
Get explained properly: A good driving instructor will explain you each step carefully and repetitively until you adapt it as your driving habit. Going step by step is better than trying to learn everything in one lesson. Many instructors let the students sit behind the steering wheels while they control the vehicle from the duplicate set of pedals. This gives the students a semblance of having a grip of the vehicle, while in fact, it is the instructor who is doing the driving! You need to avoid such instructors. A good instructor will be frank about pointing your mistakes and suggesting ways to correct them.
Ask for his pass percentage: An ADI will have a record of how many of his students pass in the first attempt/second attempt or more. It is advisable to ask your instructor about his pass percentage so that you can judge better. However, it should not be the sole criteria of judging an instructor's ability because each student comes with different challenges for the instructor.
It is very important to get a good instructor who can inculcate good driving habits in you. The above mentioned points will help you get a better instructor who can mould you to be a good and responsible driver.
The instructor should be punctual and reliable
He should help you correct your mistakes without discouraging you
He should explain things step by step for better understanding
Don't hire an instructor who is already booked in advance
It is best to clear your theory test before you start the practical practice to save time and money. You cannot give your practical unless you clear your theory.
Don't let your instructor control the vehicle by using the duplicate set of pedals unless absolutely necessary


Good Driving instructor

A good driving instructor must be reliable, punctual, should have a good reputation/references, registered with DSA and a well maintained car.

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