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How to Check Your Basal Body Temperature

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Many Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods utilise a woman’s temperature reading to calculate when ovulation has occurred. This reading is known as the “waking resting” or ”basal body” temperature. Here are a few easy steps to obtain an accurate temperature reading.
What you'll need: 
A high-quality, accurate digital thermometer
A graph on which to record your temperature reading
A writing instrument
A good night’s sleep
Press the thermometer’s on/off button to turn it on. Depending on the type and brand of your thermometer, this may be accompanied by a short “beep.”
Once the thermometer is ready, insert the metal probe under your tongue, well back into your mouth. Incorrect placement of the probe will result in an inaccurate reading.
Relax and wait for the thermometer to test your temperature. Most digital thermometers will produce a reading in roughly one minute, followed by another “beep” to signal that the reading has been obtained.
Remove the thermometer and note the time and the temperature displayed in the window.
Chart this reading on your graph in keeping with the NFP method you have learned.
Press the button again to turn off the thermometer (some models may turn off automatically) and replace it in its cover or protective sleeve for use the next morning.
For more information about Natural Family Planning or for more detailed help in charting your cycle, consider taking an NFP class. NFP is a highly effective and drug-free method for both avoiding and achieving pregnancy. Classes are available through independent organisations (e.g. The Couple to Couple League) as well as the NHS and can provide you with a more in-depth guide to understanding your fertility.
Whenever possible, check your temperature only after a full night’s sleep or at least three hours of continuous sleep. This will result in the most reliable reading. When necessary, however, an accurate temperature reading can be obtained following one hour of sleep or complete rest.
Try to take your temperature at roughly the same time each morning for best results.
Stay in bed while taking your temperature.
Some factors that can affect your temperature readings include stress, alcoholic consumption, breastfeeding, restless sleep, electric blankets or waterbeds, illness, and changes in heat or cold within the house (due to weather, for example). Making a note of these factors when charting can help you rule out any unexpected drops or spikes in temperature.
Always check your temperature immediately upon waking and before engaging in any form of activity.
Do not drink water, talk, get up, etc. before taking your temperature as this will affect the accuracy of the reading. If you must get up to tend to the baby, for example, insert the thermometer as normal, close your lips tightly, and move about as calmly as possible.
Do not fall back to sleep while checking your temperature or otherwise open your mouth as this will result in an inaccurate reading.


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