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How To Change Your Name By Deed Poll

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People decide to change their name for a variety of reasons and your age, nationality and country of residence are the factors that determine whether you can apply for a Deed Poll to change your name within the UK. There are just two simple steps:
What you'll need: 
Deed Poll form
You first need to acquire your Deed Poll documentation, either online or from the Solicitor’s Law Stationary Society.
When you have your Deed Poll document, you simply sign and date it in the presence of an independent witness such as a friend, neighbour or work colleague.
A change of name Deed Poll must contain three declarations and by signing, dating and having your signature witnessed you are declaring that the use of your previous name has been abandoned; your new name will be used at all times; all persons are required to address you by your new name only.
Give some thought to the name you intend using for the rest of your life: this needs to be something that fits comfortably with your personality and not cause embarrassment in the years to come.
Your signed Deed Poll is documentary proof of your change of name, which you then need to show to all government departments, companies and organisations that hold your personal records, instructing them to change your name. You can also apply for a new British passport, driving licence, cheque book, credit cards etc to be reissued in your new name
There is no need to pay to change your name legally in the UK. All you need is a 'deed of change


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