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How to change your iTunes account on your iPhone

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This very problem happened to me recently - I'd had to alter my email details on my main iTunes account but my iPhone was stuck horribly on the old email. Try as I might, I couldn't see a way to figure it out and then happily came across a couple of solutions!
What you'll need: 
Connector for iPhone/Computer
Computer with your iTunes account
The first solution is the most straightforward. Simply log on to iTunes on your phone, and click "music"
Scroll to the very bottom where it states your account and click on it
Select 'sign out' - the account box will now display 'sign in'. When clicked, you can now either create a new account or sign in with an existing - however, rather than being the old "static" email address you couldn't touch, you can now re-enter both lots of information.
The other route works if you're near a computer - simply sign in to your iTunes account on your computer and synch with your iPhone. This should change the account name you're now using on your iPhone.


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