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How To Change a Plug Fuse

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Patented by Thomas Edison, the fuse is a simple but vitally important piece of hardware which protects your appliances and can save you substantial amounts of money in replacement costs. Cheap and widely available, plug fuses are simple to change.
What you'll need: 
Fused plug
Spare fuse
Having removed the plug from the wall, use the screwdriver to loosen the central screw between the plug pins. Remove the cover from the plug to expose the inside wiring. The fuse is the small cylinder above the bottom right (brown) terminal.
Once you have removed the fuse check the fuse rating to ensure you are fitting a fuse which matches the requirements of the specific appliance. According to DIY Fix-it a 3 amp fuse is generally needed for appliances up to 720 watts and a 13 amp for appliances from 720 watts to 3000 watts.
Select the necessary fuse and clip it into place above the brown-wired terminal in the same fashion as that in which you found the original fuse.
Replace the plastic cover of the plug and, using the screwdriver, reseal the cover. Shake the plug gently to ensure the fuse hasn't worked its way loose.
With the fuse replaced the plug can now be safely used again.
Ensure the plug is well away from any source of electricity before starting to work on it.

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Fuses and Safety

The fuse provides over current protection for the appliance it is fitted to. If the fuse has blown there will be a reason and simply replacing it without checking the appliance for faults is unsafe. This is even more important if the fuse was rated too high as the appliance will have been over loaded. Watts= volts x amps therefore
amps =watts/volts.

eg 2000watt kettle requires 2000/240 amps = 8.3amps.

so a 10amp fuse could be used.

never up grade the fuse to the next size eg 3amp to 5amp as the appliance will be overloaded in a fault condition and may cause a fire.

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