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How To Change Car Windscreen Wipers

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Maintaining your vehicle's windscreen wipers is a task easily overlooked. However, old, perished windscreen wipers can be dangerous in wet conditions. New wipers are inexpensive and easy to replace.
What you'll need: 
New windscreen wipers
Check your old windscreen wiper style to ensure that you buy the correct type. Wipers are available in different sizes and have varying attachment types. If in doubt take one of your old windscreen wipers in with you when buying replacements.
As a rule windscreen wipers should be replaced once a year. However, prevailing weather and the amount of use may necessitate more or less frequent replacement. Check the rubber for any signs of cracking or perishing.
Lift the entire windscreen wiper arm up and away from the windscreen. This will ensure that the windscreen and/or bonnet doesn't get scratched or damaged when changing blades.
Release the tab holding the wiper in place. You can then slide the old wiper off by pulling the middle of the wiper towards the windscreen.
Hold the new wiper blade horizontally so the plastic tab hangs down vertically. Match the flattened side of the plastic tab to the hooked part of the wiper arm.
Slide the wiper arm along the plastic tab and through the middle of the replacement wiper. Place the wiper arm hook on the curved top of the plastic tab. Press the tab and the hook together until the tab clicks into place.
Slowly lower the wiper arm to the windscreen and repeat for the other arm.


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