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How To Change a Car Tyre

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A flat tyre is an annoying and potentially expensive mishap. Still, the tyre will require replacing and may have to be changed in less than ideal conditions.
What you'll need: 
Plastic sheet
Protective gloves
High-visibility jacket
Car jack
Wheel wrench
Spare tyre(s)
Reflective hazard light
Wheel blocks
Once the vehicle is at a stop in a safe, flat position, clear of traffic, engage the handbrake, switch on the hazard lights and place the wheel blocks behind two unaffected tyres. Place the reflective hazard light behind the car and in plain sight.
Put on the high-visibility vest and protective gloves before spreading the plastic sheeting on the floor. Remove the spare wheel from the vehicle and lie it down on the sheeting. Remove the jack and wheel wrench.
Check the car's manual to ascertain where the jack should be placed. Tighten the jack until it begins to lift the car. Remove the wheel cover/hub cap before loosening the wheel nuts with the wrench.
Remove the old tyre. Lift the car slightly with the jack. Attach the new tyre using the wheel nuts but make sure that they are not overly tight.
Loosen the jack until the car is resting almost all of its weight on the wheels. Tighten the wheel nuts fully before loosening the jack and replacing the wheel cover/hub cap.
Place the old tyre in the spare tyre compartment. It should be taken to a garage to be repaired or replaced.
Changing a vehicle's tyre is a relatively simple procedure if you ensure that you have the correct tools and know-how.
Check your spare wheel occasionally to ensure that it is fully inflated.
Be extremely careful when using the jack. Read your car's manual and only jack the car up in the correct place and on a flat surface.


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