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How To Change a Bicycle Tyre

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Punctures are an ever-present annoyance for cyclists and can occur at any time. Every cyclist should therefore carry a tyre lever and a spare tube and, more importantly, know how to use them.
What you'll need: 
Spare tube
Tyre lever
Bicycle pump
Though the outer tyre can be removed by hand, a tyre lever will make the process far quicker and less fiddly. This can be an important consideration in cold or wet (or indeed cold AND wet) conditions. These pieces of kit are cheap and are stocked by all good bike shops.
Place the bicycle upside down on a flat surface. This will allow you to remove and replace the wheel more easily. Once the wheel has been removed, slide the tyre lever between the tyre and the wheel's rim. Run the lever all the way around the wheel until the tyre is loose on the whole of one side.
Using your finger or any similar available object, depress the inner tube's valve. This will remove as much air as possible and will make removing the tube easier. Remove the inner tube.
Unfold the new tube and place it around the rim, first inserting the valve through the hole in the rim. Use the tyre lever to push the tyre back onto the wheel.
Pump the tyre up to the appropriate level before replacing the wheel. Ensure the wheel is properly tightened and that the brakes are reattached.
The process of replacing a tyre needn't be too much of a hassle with the necessary tools and know-how.


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