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How to carve a whole turbot

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A flatfish from the North Sea, noted for its firm flesh and fine flavour, turbot is often served with hollandaise or parsley sauce. Roast it whole and you will also benefit from the extra flavour in the bones. Turbot is one of the more difficult fish to carve correctly; but if you follow this guide you should impress the epicureans at your table.
What you'll need: 
Fish Servers (stainless steel/silver) or a blunt knife
Suitablysized plate or board
Lay your fish on the plate or board with the pale side uppermost.
Carefully insert your knife behind the fish's head until you reach the backbone. Without cutting through the bone, draw the knife across the length of the fish.
Divide the flesh into square portions by cutting deeply and at right angles from the initial incision to the top of the fish. Keep the skin, which has a lovely flavour.
DO NOT DISCARD THE FINS! These are regarded as a delicacy and you will gain respect by ensuring all of your guests receive their share.
Remove the backbone.
Divide the bottom part of the fish in the same way as the top.
This carving method can be used for brill and other flatfish too.


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