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How to carve a whole cod

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There are few things more appetising to fish-eaters than a succulent piece of grilled cod. The aim in carving a piece of cooked cod is to serve up neat portions of flesh without breaking it up into flakes or mixing it with the bones or skin. Follow these steps to impress your dinner guests!
What you'll need: 
Fish Servers (stainless steel/silver) or a blunt knife
Suitably-sized plate or board
Lay your cod, side down, on the plate or board.
Run your blade from the fish's head to its tail, down the centre of its uppermost side. Ensure you begin and end at the backbone but take care not to cut through it.
Cutting at right angles to your initial incision, slice the upper half of the fish into suitably-sized portions.
You are now in a position to remove the backbone.
Cut the remaining fish into portions as in step 3.
Serve and enjoy
Don't use implements that are not made of stainless steel or silver: the metal may adversely flavour the fish


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