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How to carve a pumpkin for Halloween

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Carving a pumpkin into a Halloween lantern is a popular pastime for kids and grown ups alike. The proper name is a pumpkin jack-o'-lantern, and it is very easy to do. Once you have carved it you can place a candle inside and it will glow, spookily, out of the carved face.
What you'll need: 
a sharp knife
a tablespoon
a bowl
a hard surface
The first thing to do is to cut a hole around the stalk on the top of the pumpkin. This needs to be big enough for you to get your hand in to scoop out the rest of the flesh. So cut around the stalk and remove it. If you place the knife at an angle when you carve out the top, it will mean that you can use the cut-out stalk as the lid, when finished, without it easily falling into the pumpkin.
Use the knife and spoon to scoop out the flesh from inside the pumpkin. You will have to scrape the walls to get out all the flesh.
Now on the best side of the pumpkin you can draw a spooky face using a crayon or pencil.
Once you are happy with the design, use the knife to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth.
You can now place a tea-light or small candle inside the pumpkin. You may have to ensure the inside has a flat bottom, or carve out a small bit for the candle to sit in.
You should, now, have a nice jack-o'-lantern to put in your window this Halloween.
You can always eat the leftovers of the pumpkin.
Be careful when using a sharp knife


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