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How To Carve A Foam Pumpkin With A Hot Knife

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Carving a foam pumpkin means you won’t need to clean the inside of it. They are not expensive, won’t rot and come in various sizes and colour. You can use foam pumpkin carving tool kit to carve out an artificial pumpkin. Personally, I find my hands ache too much after using them - but using a hot knife has made foam pumpkin carving much easier. The hot knife is a tool used for wood carving. When a hot knife is used on foam, it cuts through it as if it’s melting butter. There are various brands of hot knifes available. Brand names like Walnut Hollow, Versa Tool and X-Acto are the most popular.
What you'll need: 
Foam pumpkin
Stencil design (optional)
Sticky Tape (optional)
Pencil (optional)
Hot knife
Battery powered candle or light stick (optional)
Take the foam pumpkin and tape the stencil design with sticky tape on it. Use the pencil to punch holes along the design lines on the paper. This will create the design outline on the pumpkin surface. If you have a design in mind, you can draw it on the pumpkin with the pencil.
Take off the stencil design when you’ve finished tracing your design. Plug in the hot knife and wait to heat up.
Once the hot knife is heated, start to cut out your design. Cut out the middle designs first, then the smallest and then the big parts last.
Turn the pumpkin upside down and cut a circle big enough to fit the light candle or light stick inside.
You can now light up your pumpkin and enjoy your carving.
Take your time to carve your foam pumpkin and you’ll be happy with the end results. This is a pumpkin carving you can definitely keep for a lifetime. The cut out designs will be smoother and there will be less mess. You can also enjoy Halloween without the worry of your carved pumpkin shrivelling.
You can buy hot knifes from craft shops or online sites like Amazon and eBay.
You can also paint over your designs with glow paint.
To create shading effects on pumpkin, carve the surface thinner for brighter tone, leave the surface thicker for darker tone. To create the brightest area for light to shine through, carve the foam all the way out.
You can buy pre-carved foam pumpkins if you don’t have time.
Change blades when they are completely cool.
Never use a real candle to light a foam pumpkin, it will melt and catch fire.


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