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How to Calculate Your GPA

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A grade point average (GPA) is a numerical measure of a student’s academic achievement. Many universities use this figure when admitting a student or determining their eligibility for a scholarship. All you need are your final grades and some simple math to calculate your GPA.
What you'll need: 
Your final grades
A pen and paper
A calculator (optional)
Write down the final letter grade (i.e. B, A, C) for each of your classes. If you have not yet finished the term, write the grades you expect to receive.
Each letter has a corresponding numerical value based on a point system. A common 4-point scale is as follows: A = 4; B = 3; C = 2; D = 1; and F = 0. (Points for plus and minus grades may vary from school to school so be sure to check with your university for the appropriate scale.) Alongside each grade, write the associated number.
Add these numbers to find the total grade points for the term.
Finally, divide this total by the number of classes taken. For example, if you took 7 classes with a total of 21 grade points, divide 21 by 7 for a result of 3. Your GPA is 3.0.
Some universities have different methods of calculating GPA. If you are looking to apply to a particular school, take the time to verify their system and calculate your grade point average accordingly.


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