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How to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

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Timing is everything when you’re searching for cheap flights. Last-minute deals can rarely be found as flight prices go up as the number of available seats goes down. If you start your search early, you give yourself the best chance of finding the cheapest deal available.
What you'll need: 
Internet Access
Patience and plenty of time to spare
If you know exactly where you’re going to and when, ‘screen-scraper’ websites are a good place to start. These sites, such as and are advanced price comparison websites which use sophisticated software to search multiple websites in one go. For set dates and destinations, screen-scrapers allow you to search budget airlines, regular airlines and flight brokers at the same time to perform a price comparison and find the best deal. was found to be the most effective website for finding cheap flights in a test conducted by the UK Guardian newspaper.
From time to time major airlines have flight sales – January in particular is a good time to pick up a bargain, as airlines compete for customers looking to book summer holidays. Keep an eye out for these offers by checking out airline websites and searching online for flight sales. Budget operators such as Easyjet often have periodic and widely promoted flight sales.
Flight brokers can offer great deals for long-haul flights as they often have commercial partnerships with airlines to provide exclusive prices. Many ‘screen-scrapers’ search the major flight broker websites, but some deals remain exclusive to the brokerage websites. Some good brokerage websites include and, which also offer hotel and car hire deals.
Budget airlines can live up to the name and give really cheap deals. Prices are often not always as rock-bottom as advertised but still good value – there must be someone out there who has booked one of the “x number of seats available for £1”?! Remember that prices quoted by budget airlines are often ‘fare only’ and do not include taxes, baggage charges, and check-in fees.
If your destination is popular with package holiday operators, you may be able to find a one-off cheap deal, as operators often fill spare capacity on their planes by selling seats cheaply to flight-only customers. Try charter airlines and local and national travel agents, or use an online charter flight comparison such as ‘Flights Direct’ or ‘Avro’.
Depending on where you’re looking to fly to, you may be able use the services of a ‘location specialist’. In areas of the UK with large groups of immigrant populations, niche travel agents exist and can offer very good deals to the countries linked to that community. These agencies are not widely known of, and can come up with real bargains.
Good luck with finding the best deal and have a great trip!


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