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How to burn music on CD using WMP

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If you're unsure on how to burn music unto a disc using Windows Media Player, keep reading, this is the guide for you!
What you'll need: 
A blank CD-R / CD-RW (700MB)
First step is to open your DVD drive and insert the disc, then close it once more.
Once the DVD drive has read your disc, an option will come up asking if you would like to view files or burn files unto it using Windows Media Player. Click the 'Burn' option.
If this option does not come up, manually open Windows Media Player, go to Library view and click on the burn tab.
Under the 'Burn' tab you will see that your blank CD has up to 80 minutes of free time, depending on it's size. If it is a fresh blank CD-R then you can only burn once unto it, whereas a CD-RW will allow you to remove songs and add new ones whenever you wish.
You will now need to drag all the songs you have chosen to burn unto the 'Burn list'. A bar at the top will show you how much space you have left on the CD, so make sure you are within limits otherwise you will not be able to do the next step.
Once you are ready click 'Start burn' and wait for the pending and burning to take place.
After the burning has taken place, the DVD Drive will automatically open so do not touch anything until this has taken place. Once it has opened take out your CD and close the drive. Enjoy the music!
Quick and easy way to put music unto a CD!



Glad I could help!

very useful

I never manage to do this properly, I always fail.

This is very handy.

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