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How to blow a bubble with bubble gum

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Have you ever wondered how your friends are able to make such big bubbles with their bubble gum? Wonder no more and follow these steps to become a bubble gum pro.
What you'll need: 
A packet of bubble gum
Take one or two pieces of bubble gum from the packet and chew until it loses its flavour and becomes smooth.
With you tongue or fingers, mould the gum into a big square or circular shape.
Then wrap this shape over you tongue, making a hole for you to blow on.
Blow into the hole with short and even breaths and a bubble will appear.
The more bubble gum you have in your mouth, the bigger the bubble will be.
Make sure you have bubble gum, rather than chewing gum as the bubbles will be bigger.
Blowing too hard on the bubble too soon will result in the bubble bursting.


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