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How To Blow And Decorate An Egg For Easter

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Blown eggs make the perfect starting point for Easter decorations. With a little care you can quickly become an expert. Any accidents can be added to the yolks and whites from your successes to make scrambled egg or an omelette.
What you'll need: 
Large bowl
Food colouring
Kitchen roll
Cling film
Box of hen's eggs
Hold the egg carefully vertically and make a hole in the top with a needle. Do the same at the bottom but then take the skewer and make the bottom hole slightly bigger. Make sure you puncture the yolk.
Holding the egg over the bowl blow gently through the top of the egg and the yolk and white will start to flow into the bowl.
Rinse the empty egg in warm water and stand upright in the egg box to dry.
Take the kitchen roll and splash some drops of food colouring until you have covered an area big enough to completely cover the egg. Either choose one colour or splash different colours for a patterened effect. Wrap the egg in the kitchen roll and then the cling film and leave to dry.
When the eggs are dry make a loop of ribbon and glue to the top of each egg or you may choose to glue ribbon around the centre of the eggs and place them in a pretty basket.
Once you've made all your eggs and whipped up their contents into a delicious meal pop out for a walk. Find an interesting branch to make an Easter tree. Pack into a pot with soil or plaster, hang with your eggs for a beautiful display.


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