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How To Be More Confident

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Having a lack of confidence can literally stop you from pursing your dreams. On the other hand, having an abundance of confidence can make you feel, that you can conquer any challenges that come into your life. Having plenty of confidence in yourself, can affect how you portray yourself to other people, whether it’s in a positive or negative image. It can help you to talk to a total stranger, get a new job or strike that business deal. If you are lacking in confidence, it doesn’t have to be permanent, you can make changes to start believing in yourself. The techniques below will help you to feel more confident about yourself, and not feel that the world is against you.
Get to know and accept yourself. Not being aware of your good qualities can lead to low self confidence. Get to know where your strengths lie, and what your weaknesses are. Don’t focus so much on your negatives parts; ask yourself why you see yourself in such a negative image. Check, that you have not accepted negative images of yourself, which you allowed to be placed on you by other people. No human is perfect; change the things you can about yourself bit by bit and accept the way you are. Keep the negative and positive aspects of yourself in balance, know yourself more and be happy with the whole of you.
Keep your mind positive. Some people who suffer from a low self esteem can often criticize other people, so they can hide their own weakness. If you carry out this habitual form of criticism, it’s best to stop doing it from now. You are actually causing yourself harm, by unknowingly inviting negative energy around your mind and life. When you meet people, try and focus more on the positive things about them, and your mind will be thinking more positively.
Look after your appearance. You’d think that appearances don’t matter, but it can affect the way you feel about yourself. Having a shave or a bath can do wonders for your self-image or confidence. Also, dressing smart can make you feel good about yourself. But it doesn’t mean you have to wear expensive clothes, to look and feel good about yourself. Just wearing casual clothes that look nice and presentable can make you feel good about yourself. Dress to your own personal taste.
Stand up straight. A slouching posture will always gives out a negative image. Taking care of your posture will help towards you feeling more confident. So, keep your back straight and your head held high. Eyes should be looking straight ahead and not at the ground. Practice this often, your confidence and posture will improve.
Look People in the eye. Avoiding eye contact when talking to people can make you come across as submissive or shy. But staring for too long, you could come across as if you’re angry or scared stiff. The best thing to do is to look into people’s eyes as you talk or as they talk, and every now again look around or shift your gaze.
Smile Often. Smiling can make you appear confident, friendly and warm. Also, it can help you feel relaxed and it puts others around you at ease. You can practice smiling in front of the mirror, so you can make sure you don’t have a nervous or tense smile.
Keep fit. Getting regular exercise will increase your energy, and give you more confidence in yourself. You can start it by habitually going for walks, or taking up a sport you enjoy. Keeping fit will help you be in good shape, and make you feel you can face the world.
Accept compliments. If you are given a compliment, don’t complain or shrug it off, just smile and say thank you. Also, give compliments to other people on good things about them. Confident people can appreciate other people’s good qualities.
Stand up for yourself and speak up. If you are being made fun of in a horrible way, then speak up for yourself. As you stand up for yourself more, your confidence will build up. Also, don’t be afraid to join in discussions in public. No one will know your opinion or issues unless you speak up. Speaking up in public can increase your self confidence.
Be More Thankful. If you focus more on what you don’t have, you will be less confident. Focus more on what you have, and be thankful for what you have achieved in your life. It will give you a positive outlook in life and your-self image will improve.
Being more confident is all about shining the light, on the positive side of your character. You will get setbacks sometimes, don’t lose heart and just keep going. But above all else, just be truly you, relax and enjoy life more.
If you talk negatively about yourself, you should replace it with positive comments about yourself.
Don’t compare yourself to others, instead concentrate on what you expect from yourself and go for it.
Learn to trust your instincts; this will give you the confidence to trust yourself more.
Be careful that you don’t come over as an arrogant or cocky character.
Peer pressure can sometimes be blamed for lack of confidence. Just don’t ever give in, if it feels wrong to you. Trust in your own judgments.


How to be more confident

Some great tips; these would be so useful if they could be sent to your inbox on a daily basis - say tip of the day and what you must focus on.

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