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How to be inspired

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Inspiration can come in many shapes and forms, but rarely comes along by chance. If you sit on the sofa all day, every day waiting for the moment, then you’ll be sitting there for a long time! Inspiration, just like most things, needs to be worked at, and above all, encouraged. The following five steps are based on themes explored in the forthcoming book 'go make it happen now!' and promote positive strategies to get you inspired!
What you'll need: 
Just you, a little bit of dedication and an inspirational book!
Engage with creativity: If you’re seeking creative inspiration, encourage creative energies by putting the metaphorical pen to paper. If you want to write, find a keyboard and start typing. If you want to paint, throw colourful oils onto canvas. If you want to compose, grab an instrument and get playing. By focusing energy on your creative aim, you will stimulate your mind and discover inspiration.
Be motivated: Boredom prevents inspiration and occurs when motivation is absent. If you become motivated, you will engage with positive action and promote inspiration. Quick and easy methods which encourage motivation include regular exercise, plenty of sleep and a healthy lifestyle. As you become more motivated, set yourself short and long term goals and take action to work towards them.
Break routine: Routine features regularly in our lives, but is of little help for inspiration. Routine throws our minds into autopilot and makes us lethargic and uninspired. The solution is to break free of routine and to encourage free thinking. Simple techniques to escape routine might be to get up an hour earlier, drive a different route into work or try something new e.g. discover photography, learn a foreign language or write a "how to" article for Howopia!
Surround yourself with positives: Ensure your surroundings are de-cluttered, clean and well-maintained. A calm and organised work environment encourages activity and helps prevent procrastination. A positive environment also relates to those around you. Surrounding yourself with highly motivated and inspirational people is a guaranteed way to find inspiration of your own.
Take inspiration from others: Watch an inspirational film or absorb yourself in an inspirational book. Understanding how individuals conquer adversity or triumph in business, is a great strategy to help you feel inspired to achieve successes of your own. Follow the link at the bottom of the page for some highly recommended and inspiring reads!
Don't wait for tomorrow. Take action to be inspired today and enjoy the success it brings!


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