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How To Back A Book

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We used to have to do this with our school books, years ago and it's useful to know how to do it in case one of your favourite hardback books loses it's dustjacket and you want to keep it looking fresh.
What you'll need: 
Wallpaper, brown paper, or other suitable backing paper
Tape, or glue
Cut a piece of sturdy backing paper – wallpaper is good, or plain brown parcel paper – which measures approximately 8cm larger all round than the book when it is laid open on a flat surface.
Lay the open book on the paper and flip the pages over to rest on the right hand side and taking the top left hand corner of the backing paper, fold it down onto the top left hand corner of the book, so that it makes a right angle and looks as though you have cut the corner off the paper. There will now be a triangle of backing paper across the top left hand book corner. Press the fold to secure it.
Repeat with the bottom left hand corner of the backing paper to the corresponding corner of the book.
Taking the 8cm strip of excess backing paper which runs down the left hand side of the edge of the book, fold this in so that it lies over both triangles of paper at the top and bottom corner and makes a strip of backing paper down the left hand side of the book. Press the fold to secure it
Flip the pages of the book over to the left hand side and repeat the process at the top right and bottom right hand corners of the book, and then down the right hand edge of the book.
Once that is done, close the book and pick it up. If the backing paper is tugging and seems too tight, remedy this by loosening and refolding the backing paper. If it seems far too loose, adjust it to make it fit better when the book is closed.
Once you’re satisfied with the fit, tape or glue the parts of backing paper together where they touch to secure it. You could, if you wished, tape the paper to the inside of the book itself but if you want to be able to remove this easily, use Magic Tape.
Then, holding the top edge of the book towards you, look down the spine of the book and cut two slits in the backing paper from the edge of the paper to the start of the spine, on either side of the spine. Fold the resulting flat piece of paper so that it sits inside the spine and then do the same on the other end of the book.
Open up the book again and on the left hand side, fold down the excess backing paper on the top edge of the book and cut a triangle of paper off the inner corner of the backing paper so it sits snugly against the pages. Tape it down and then repeat with the bottom edge. Repeat on the right hand side of the book. And there you have it.
It's a little bit fiddly, but worth it. If you use good, sturdy paper, the sleeve should last for ages.


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