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How to avoid return of conjunctivitis

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Tears themselves contain antibacterial substances, which is why most eye infections eventually clear up unassisted.
What you'll need: 
An antibacterial hand gel
Clean separate tissues
A washing machine
To avoid re-infection, don't wear eye makeup or contact lenses until the infection is completely gone. Discard any eye make up you were using before the eye infection began.
Try not to touch the eyes. If you happen to touch the eyes accidentally, then wash your hands with soap and water, then dry with a paper towel or hot air instead of a hand towel.
If you have to dab your eyes always use a separate tissue each time and immediately throw each water into a plastic bag. Water hands immediately.
Carry a small antibacterial hand gel with you and use it often.
If you wear contact lenses, do not wear them while you actually have conjunctivitis, then sterilize them properly before wearing them again.
Never ever use a contact lens with saliva.
Put your towel, flannel and pillowcase into the washing machine every day to help prevent reinfection.
Let someone else always make the bed because conjunctivitis can spread from your hands to the sheets.
Young children should stay at home from school or nursery.


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