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How To Apply Stick-On Temporary Tattoos

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Stick-on temporary tattoos are a great way to have tattoos without any fuss. You can apply them easily and there’s no pain involved. The techniques below will show you how to apply stick-on temporary tattoos and to make them look real.
What you'll need: 
Stick-on sticker sheet
Damp cloth
Translucent matte powder (optional)
Take the sticker sheet and choose the tattoo design you want. Peel off the clear plastic cover that protects the tattoo image.
Choose a smooth area on your body to place the tattoo. Place the image face down on your skin. Make sure the image is not upside down.
Press the damp cloth firmly on the back of the tattoo. Keep it there for at least 60 seconds and try not to move it. Make sure the image is not upside down.
Remove the cloth and lift one corner of the tattoo paper a little. If the image does not looking good, then put the damp cloth on again and wait for 35 seconds. Once the tattoo image looks good you can carefully remove the paper.
Allow the tattoo to dry and don’t touch it during the drying time.
Once the tattoo is dry you can dust it with translucent powder to give it a non-glossy finish. If you want to keep the glossy look don’t dust it with translucent powder.
Using translucent powder will make the tattoo look like it’s under the skin. It could very easily pass as a permanent tattoo. Don’t use baby powder. It will turn the tattoo whitish and fake looking. Enjoy your stick-on tattoos.
Use small tattoo designs until you get used to applying stick-on tattoos.
Try to keep the damp cloth pressed onto the tattoo as long as possible. This will help you to get the strongest image of the tattoo.
If you don’t like the tattoo design, you can remove it with baby oil or alcohol. Wait at least 10 seconds in between rubbing. Use more baby oil or alcohol and repeat until tattoo is removed.
You can use stick-on crystal or glitter tattoos for a sparkling look for a party or just for fun.
There’s also glow in the dark stick-on tattoos for a glowing effect at night.


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