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How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

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The use of Clip-in hairpieces and wigs has been around since the days of Cleopatra and has been slowly evolving into a major industry as women seek to instantaneously beautify themselves by emulating the latest hair trends. Clip-in extensions can be a great temporary solution to achieve wondrous length, thickness and volume if they behave like your natural hair.
What you'll need: 
Clip in hair extensions
Hair clips
Small toothed comb
Hair spray
Clip all the hair up, leaving a 1/2-inch section across the nape of the neck. Then, using a small toothed comb, back comb the hair right at the scalp. This will create a "cushion" for the hair extension clip to be secured into. If you have a hard time creating this cushion, apply medium to hard hold hair spray on the area and tease again.
To place the clip in piece, slide the teeth of the clips into the cushion that you created by back combing the hair keeping the clip as close the the scalp as possible. Make sure the weft lies flat along your scalp and feels secure.
Continue making horizontal parts and attaching the extensions in the same manner as the first as you move up the back of the head. Remember to always attach the middle clip first. The number of tracks you will use will depend on how thick your natural hair is, and how you want your final results to appear.
Attach the smaller side clip in pieces by making a horizontal part above the ear and attaching the clip in wefts in the same manner. Use a mirror to make sure no visible weft is showing. Done! You can now use a hair straightener or curling iron to style your hair extensions!


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