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How To Apply An Airbrush Temporary Tattoo

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Some people use an airbrush temporary tattoo, as a stepping stone before they commit to a permanent tattoo. The great thing about airbrush tattoos is that you can have a different design every week. You can have an airbrush tattoo applied by an airbrush artist, but you could also apply small tattoos yourself. All you need is a basic airbrush tattoo kit. You can buy them from specialist stores that sell temporary tattoo kits or from online sites. Even stores like Argos are selling them now. Airbrush tattoos are loved by children, teenagers and of course adults. It’s quite simple to apply an airbrush tattoo once you know how. Below you’ll find suggestions on how to apply and also some aftercare tips.
What you'll need: 
Airbrush equipment
Small stencil
Airbrush Temporary Tattoo ink
Alcohol based sterilizing swabs
Powder brush
Talcum powder
Each airbrush kit will be different inside the box. Once you’ve put the ink inside the airbrush container, make sure all connecting parts of the airbrush equipment is secure. You definitely don’t want to be seeing paint spraying out of the equipment where it shouldn’t.
Wipe the area of skin to be tattooed with the alcohol swab. Firmly place the stencil on the area to be tattooed.
Take your airbrush and point it at your stencil. Press the airbrush trigger and start spraying lightly in a smooth motion. It’s best to spray from one end of the stencil and then continue spraying until you reach the other end of the stencil. Make sure you spray it evenly.
Once you’ve sprayed the stencil, carefully lift it off the skin. Don’t smear or smudge the tattoo. Wipe off any excess over spray from skin with alcohol swap.
Airbrush tattoo ink dries very quickly. Once it’s dry, use the powder brush and talcum powder to dust over the airbrushed tattoo. This will help to absorb any excess oil and ink on the skin.
The airbrush tattoo is finished.
Airbrush tattoos are a simple and fun way to have tattoos without the pain and regret. Your air brush tattoo can last roughly 3-5 days. It all depends on how you take care of it.
To help your tattoo last longer don’t scrub or rub it and pat tattoo dry after bathing.
Dust your tattoo with talcum powder daily to prolong the tattoo.
If you don’t like the tattoo design you can remove it with baby oil.


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