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How to always complete homework on time

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Being a student, one gets caught up in the rush and can always feel overwhelmed by homework deadlines. Keeping track of these deadline is important as it will enable you to always hand in homework on time.
What you'll need: 
Diary Planner
When you have homework, make a detailed description of it in your diary planner along with the due date on the same day. It is easy to forget what you have to do for homework especially if you doing it on a later date.
Be organised, never do homework on the last day and try to cram it all in as the results will always be a poorer version of what you could have done.
A good homework ethic is to do a bit of homework everyday, if you spend an hour a day on homework most likely you will not be behind. If you are in sixth form or university you may more than likely have to do much more. However doing a bit a day will enable you to get all your homework completed on time.
Cross off the homework in your diary planner once completed.
Keeping on top of homework is important so that you can apply the right techniques too. Check out our other homework guides to get a sense of techniques which can help - but ensure you follow this guide to keep on top of what needs to be done and when.


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